An Introduction, of sorts

Hello to any random internet perusers who stumble upon this. Hopefully you’ll navigate away soon as there’s nothing here yet.

This post is an introduction of sorts. Once upon a time I was relatively familiar with WordPress but time seems to have left large gaps in my memory. Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll have regained some skill and I’ll revamp the way this blog looks. For now, well no one should really be reading this anyway, so whatever.

As for my introduction, I’m going to call myself AndromedaCat. Obviously that’s not really my name, but for now it’s what I’m choosing go by. As for what I’ll be writing about in here… who knows. There are approximately eighty billion things I’m interested in, covering a wide range of topics, and I have yet to decide exactly where within that spectrum I want to focus my writing in this blog.

For now I guess just know that I may write about social justice issues, feminism, science fiction, pop culture, fashion, cats (because really… the internet is a place to talk about cats. and watch cats. and look at cats.), sex, porn, Star Trek, fanfiction, Health at Every Size, reading, romance novels, board games and media. That’s clearly not the entirety of my eighty billion interests but it’s a good catch-all for what I’m likely to write about.


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